Bainbridge Island-North Kitsap, WA

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check our website for up-to-date plans
regarding our Meeting location. We are in a time of transition.

Beginning May 7, 2017 and continuing through December 2017,
we will meet at Seabold Hall on the first (Poetry at 9am) and third Sundays (Meeting for Business follows Worship).
Meetings on the 5th Sunday may be held at Seabold Hall.

On the second and fourth Sundays,
we will meet at VILLAGE GREEN located
at 26159 Dulay Rd NE, Kingston, WA 98346

Sunday 10am

14450 Komedal Road 
Bainbridge Island, WA

From Winslow, drive north on Highway 305
to Hidden Cove Rd. and turn left. In about 1/4 mile
turn right or north on Komedal.
From Agate Passage Bridge, about one mile south of the bridge, turn right on Seabold Rd.
then turn left or south on Komedal.

Mailing Address: PO Box 1821, Poulsbo, WA 98370



A Quaker Voice in Olympia
(Formerly Friends Committee
on Washington Public Policy)

Friends Committee on National Legislation


The official publication of Quakers in Pacific,
North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings

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About Agate Passage Friends

Agate Passage Friends is a Quaker Meeting serving North Kitsap and Bainbridge Island located across Puget Sound from Seattle, WA.

This is an unprogrammed Meeting dedicated to sustaining traditional Quaker values and practices, and rely on the Quaker belief that "There is that of God" in everyone.

Quakers share common roots with the Age of Enlightenment that arose in England in the 17th Century. Founder George Fox, believed in the possibility of direct, unmediated communion with the Divine and a commitment to living lives that outwardly attest to this inward experience.

The silent hour of worship is a time of setting aside our usual patterns of thought, analyzing, and worry. During silent worship, we await guidance and renewal in the richness of receptive silence. We sit patiently awaiting inspiration, should it come, and to increase our sense of inner peace.

Inspiration may come as a new insight with regard to oneself or may lead us to spiritual insights that would help the Meeting, our family, neighbors or social concerns of the larger community. Individuals who feel moved to do so may express these ideas briefly and clearly aloud. After speaking, the group continues in silent worship before the silence again is broken, if at all, during the rest of the Meeting.

There is also the ministry of listening, of hearing what is behind the words that are spoken, of holding those words up to the Light, to know "that of God" in the speaker. While vocal ministry is of great value, some of our richest spiritual experiences come in completely silent Meetings. Out of sitting silently in the Light have come Quaker Testimonies for Peace, Simplicity, Equality, and Community.

Through these Testimonies, Quakers have become actively involved in many social concerns based on nonviolence and human rights, such as environmental and educational issues, working for peace in international relations, and prison reform. Friends are well known for their significant work in assisting slaves as they fled North before and during the Civil War, and encouraging alternatives to war.

All are invited to stay after Meeting for fellowship so we have a chance to get to know each other and answer questions for newcomers.

For more information about Quaker practice
See: Silent Worship and Quaker Values

In the late 1970s, a Worship Group soon named Agate Passage Friends, gathered in Indianola and met weekly in different homes. Our Meeting name represents unity of our Members and Attenders, then and now, who live on both sides of the Agate Passage bridge. Some of our worshippers previously attended University Friends or Meetings in other states. All are welcome!

In 1995, Agate Passage Friends began to hold regular Meetings for Worship at Seabold Hall and became a Monthly Meeting in 2004.

We warmly welcome visitors.
Please email: for more information.